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Our November Meeting

Mummies of the World Exhibition

Sunday, November 30, 1:00 PM


Cincinnati Museum Center

1301 Western Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45203

Map of Meeting Location

For our November meeting, FIG will be touring Mummies of the World on its opening weekend!

If you would like to attend, please contact Shawn Jeffers at figcincinnati@gmail.com or 513.404.8191 by November 15. Tickets are $11 for FIG Members and $16.50 for non-members (regular rates for Mummies tour are $19.50).

Come face to face with the largest exhibition of mummies and related artifacts ever assembled in the exhibition Mummies of the World. This groundbreaking exhibition bridges the gap between past and present, showing how science can shed light on history, the study of medicine and cultures around the world. Featuring never-before-seen collection of objects and specimens, including real human and animal mummies and related artifacts from South America, Europe and Egypt, Mummies of the World also demonstrates that mummification - both through natural and intentional processes - has taken place all over the globe, from the hot desert sands of South America to remote European bogs.

We will also have a brunch at 11:00am at the Frisch's restaurant next to the Museum Center.

Joins us! See you there!

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