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Council for Secular Humanism

image International Humanist and Ethical Union

American Humanist Association

American Atheists


SEE Life

Evolution-Education .org


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Humanism Free Thought Atheism
http://www.secularhumanism.org HUMANISM Free Thought Web Ring American Atheists
Humanism (Rome Reborn The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture) Atheism, Agnosticism & Free Thought
American Humanist Association Humanism [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Bank of Wisdom
The Institute for Humanists Studies What's the Humanist Movement Free Thought Radio Atheism, Agnosticism & Free Thought
A Definition of Humanism A Quick Index to Humanism Online FREETHOUGHT Free Thought Essays
CommonSense The Intercollegiate Journal of Humanism and Freethought What is Humanism The Freethought Zone  
Humanist Manifesto III Humanist Movement    
New Thinking - or A Second Enlightenment for Free Thought and Human Rights Existentialism is a Humanism, Jean-Paul Sarte 1946    
Other Like Minded Groups North America International Youth
Humanists.Net New York Humanists British Humanist Association Humanist Camp for Youngsters
CFI - On Campus The Course of Reason Freethought Association of West Michigan  Humanist Association of Ottawa

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International Humanist and Ethical Union Humanists, Humanism, and Rational Thinking in Utah Humanist Society of Scotland International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation
iHumanism An Internet Humanist Community Montana Free Thinkers Society for Secular Humanists in Calgary  Other Sites to Visit
American Humanist Association Sacramento Free Thought The European Humanist Federation  Progressive Humanism
  The Humanist Hymnal Site, Tulsa   Christian Humanism
  Free Thought Mass   Spiritual Humanism
  Secular Humanists of the Low County   Religious Tolerance














FIG Statement of Purpose and Goals
FIG Statement of Purpose: To foster a community of secular humanists dedicated to improving the human condition
through rational inquiry and creative thinking unfettered by superstition, religion, or any form of dogma.

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